viernes, 30 de diciembre de 2011

If this world were mine...

If this world were mine... Little things would be too much big to live in my world... And I would travel around the universe looking for a small piece of love, a tiny bag of sadness, some sounds about darkness and silences about our own light. And when I would found them, I wouldn't know if bring them to you or keep them inside me and, by this way, get to retain the most important thing in my life which permet me breath. And while I would been searching the small scattered dreams around the emptiness, my world maybe will be burning or falling in the fear, maybe all the people will be dancing and helding the absence of concerns.
If this world were mine I would leave it alone, in peace, far, quiet, alone again... If it were mine, none would exist, neither me. Why? Simply because we can't be happy without all what we want, and we want to much things... Love, wealth, friends, health, no death, more life, big houses, two homes... An unhappy life doesn't deserve living.
A small piece of love inside our heart... Too small sometimes... Too real or too shy. Do you really think this exist? Me too. Maybe this is the reason of our life, maybe for this we aren't dead yet. Maybe it's because this world is not mine...
So, dream and live now.

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